12 December 2018

With the challenges posed by climate change and the often modest commitments of states in this regard, it is not always easy to remain hopeful about the future of the planet. Through her public engagement, 2018 scholar Grace Nosek reminds us that we ought not merely wait for hope and action to emerge only from governments and major world meetings on the subject.

In a recent opinion piece published by CBC, Grace argues that one way of finding hope is making climate action feel local and grounded in community. “Hope is contagious”, Grace underlines, “and by working together in our local communities, we can all play a role in inspiring more action to help turn the tide in the climate fight”. 

You may also discover Grace's engaging ideas on tackling climate change by listening to a recent episode of CBC's Degrees of Change podcast. Together with David Suzuki and Simon Donner, she discusses solutions and changes in response to climate change. 

Grace has also created her own podcast, Planet Potluck, which combines personal storytelling and interviews to explore stories of hope, joy, and community in the climate movement.


Congratulations Grace for these contributions to citizens’ reflection and action on climate change!

Grace Nosek

Grace Nosek (law, University of British Columbia) researches legal tools to prevent corporations from deliberately undermining scientific evidence that threatens their profits, thus mitigating the harm that comes from manufactured doubt.

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