4 March 2019

“What helps you get to the door and who decides who’s opening it?”

The Social Enterprise Centre, an innovative space devoted to social justice and collective mobilization, hosted the Foundation’s Future Forums in Winnipeg. Inclusive Excellence and Engaged Leadership – the two central themes of the Future Forums – were discussed as participants also reflected on the issues of access and opportunity.

Comments about Inclusive Excellence:

“We have easy conversations when we’re all the same, when we’re different, these conversations are a little trickier.”

“There are so many barriers and walls that we can’t see, and our own internal biases can prevent us from seeing some of them.”

 “The more inclusive you get, the more varied your outcomes are.”

“Credentialism becomes a real barrier to the process.”

“Historically, these structures were built on purpose to be exclusive.”

Comments about Engaged Leadership:

“Leadership is about listening more and talking less.”

“If I want to be a leader, I have to be aware of how much space I’m taking up.”

“Leaders can see a future that is better and say: let’s get to that place!”

Reflections from Future Forums participants:

“What defines an authoritative voice?”

 “How is excellence constructed?”

“When we get cozy in our space, are we really doing anything new? Are we challenging ourselves enough if we’re staying in that space of comfort?”