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Empowering Scholars to become the Engaged Leaders of tomorrow

Through its Scholarship, Mentorship and Fellowship programs, the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation focuses on the leadership development of our Scholars.

    • More than a scholarship, the Pierre Elliott Trudeau scholarship empowers doctoral researchers to have meaningful impact in the world.

      Our renewed Scholarship program represents a gateway for courageous, bold, original thinkers who are hungry to play a leadership role, and inspire positive change. This three-year program is designed to train Engaged Leaders, equipping outstanding doctoral candidates with the tools to share and apply their research and be creative leaders in their institutions and communities.

      For more details on the program and to apply, please visit the Doctoral Scholarships section.

    • Three-year program for professionals from various sectors.
      More details will be available soon.

    • More details will be available soon.


Leadership Development

The key goal of the Institutes is to teach and encourage Scholars to take the time to listen and understand, as a necessary prelude towards effective action. Fellows and Mentors are charged with furthering this goal. 

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